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Valley View Farms is located in north Texas. Owned by Bob, Bonnie, and Bo Smith, we have specialized in the production, training and sharing with others four great TWHBEA Versatility Champions. We believe in the sound and natural Tennessee Walking Horse that is capable of being the best of horses.




BJS Stables, Inc., was officially formed in 1980, even though Jet Star's Delight had been in the family since early 1971.  He was the foundation of our breeding program, and we bred him only sparingly throughout his lifetime.  He became a TWHBEA Supreme Versatility Champion [SVC] in 1990 with Bonnie Smith.  Other notable versatility performers he sired are Delight of Jet Star (Youth Superior Champion [YSC] with Bo Smith, and now 2002 Adult Supreme Versatility Champions!), Night of Jet Star (Youth Superior Champion with Randi Threadgill), and Jet Star's Memory (Adult Supreme Versatility Champion with Bonnie Smith showing him to all his points).  In October of 2000, we completed our third Adult Supreme Versatility Champion with Iron Eagles Legacy and Bonnie Smith.  In March, 2002, Delight of Jet Star became our FOURTH Adult Supreme Versatility Champion, with Bo Smith showing her to almost all of her points.  In November of 2002, Samantha Boyce and Iron Eagles Legacy finished a whirlwind quest for their Youth Superior Championship.  In October 2008 we discovered that Peddlin' the Gold had earned all the necessary points to make her our FIFTH Adult Supreme Versatility Champion. 



jetpose2.jpg (43856 bytes)  SVC Jet Star's Delight,  1990 TWHBEA Adult Supreme Versatility Champion



bobarrels2.jpg (25173 bytes) YSC Delight of Jet Star, 1989 TWHBEA  Versatility Youth Superior Champion



      SVC Delight of Jet Star, 2002 TWHBEA Adult Supreme Versatility Champion 


msun.jpg (43731 bytes)  Midnight Sun, World Grand Champion 1945 - 1946

  SVC Iron Eagles Legacy, TWHBEA 2000 Adult Supreme Versatility Champion   




samtarp.jpg (415635 bytes)  YSC Iron Eagles Legacy, TWHBEA 2002 Youth Superior Champion, with his favorite rider, Samantha Boyce of Decatur, TX.   This great feat happened 11/26/02.  



A+ColtPose.JPG (90469 bytes)  SVC Sol's Gold Threat ("GT") -- 2004 State Fair of Texas Weanling Colt and Weanling Grand Champion (9/18/04).     As of 7/09, he is now a TWHBEA Adult Supreme Versatility Champion with Samantha Boyce.  Pictures and  story to follow soon.



SVC  Peddlin' the Gold ("Goldie") -- 2008 TWHBEA Adult Supreme Versatility Champion at only 4 years old!  Thanks to Cloud 9 Walkers for the initial link to Goldie's story from their great website.  Pictures and story soon to follow.


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