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Keith and Debbie Kanavel

Keith and Debbie are with Wycliffe Bible Translators and will work in Bible Translation and Literacy. Their focus will be providing the Scriptures for a people group who do not have the Bible in their mother tongue. they have always been students of language and culture and so feel that their abilities and interests are especially suited to this kind of work.

The Kanavels have sensed God's leading into missions for many years. As a new Christian in college Keith was called to the ministry and soon became interested in missions. He completed a B.A. in Communication emphasizing cross-cultural studies at Arizona State University. He then continued on to seminary where he received M.A.R. and M.Div. degrees at Westminster Theological Seminary in California.

Debbie also became interested in missions during her college years after becoming a Christian through the influence of a campus youth director. While in college she participated in several summer mission trips. She completed a B.S. in Education and Spanish at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. Debbie has taught high school Spanish for several years.

After seminary, they moved back to their home in Phoenix. While there, Keith worked as an Assistant Pastor at Calvin Presbyterian Church (PCA), and later was called to a position as a Christian Education minister at Faith Community Church (PCA) in Houston, Texas.

Keith and Debbie have four children:

Elizabeth (9/15/83),

Jordan (8/25/86),

Cara (10/4/89). and

Colin (11/21/91).

Keith: Keith_Kanavel@sil.org

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